Potato and Turnip Mash with Wild Garlic

Time Preparing: 10 mins
Time Cooking: 20 mins
Serves: 2
Difficulty: 1/5
Season: Winter

– 500g Potatoes
– 200g Turnips
– Salt and Pepper, for seasoning
– 3-4 Wild Garlic Leaves
– 2tbsp Cream or Soya alternative

1. Peel the turnips and potatoes, then cut into small chunks
2. Boil or steam for twenty mins – until tender
3. Finely chop wild garlic
4. Mash turnips and potatoes, add seasoning, cream and wild garlic



This recipe was created for Tower Green Hamlets by Pauline Cuisine

Patatas Alioli with Garlic Chives

Traditionally a Spanish Tapas dish, Patatas Alioli is known for its creamy consistency and  garlic-y tang. As much as we love Tapas at TGH HQ, this quick and easy side dish goes great with nearly every meal as it’s essentially potato salad disguised with garlic! Garlic Chives are quite a bit milder than tranditional garlic bulbs, so don’t be afraid to go overboard with how many you use. You’ll find Garlic Chives in our boxes in the Spring, often creeping into the early Summer.

Time Preparing: 10 mins
Time Cooking: 20 mins
Serves: 4
Difficulty: 1/5
Season: Spring / Early Summer

– 3 Garlic Cloves
– 3/4 Garlic Chive Strands
– 1 tsp Lemon Juice
– Salt and Pepper for seasoning
– 150g Mayonnaise
– Olive Oil

1. Start by peeling potatoes and cutting them into small, bite size chunks
2. Boil in a pan of salted water for 15-20 minutes
3. Meanwhile mix mayonnaise, minced garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper in a bowl then refrigerate
4. Check the potatoes with a knife, and drain before they feel ready (the knife will be able to go through the potato, but won’t feel fully cooked)
5. Fry potatoes in the olive oil for 5 minutes
6. Finely chop the garlic chives, and mix into the alioli mix, reserving a handful
7. Add potatoes to the alioli sauce, mixing well before sprinkling the remaining garlic chives on the top. Serve warm or cold

Midsummer Solstice

It’s coming up to the summer solstice this Sunday so enjoy the longest daylight of the year as well as warm and weird weather – can’t remember summer being this windy before! Whether or not you light a bonfires to celebrate, there is always room for feasting and merrymaking.

We’re starting to get in new potatoes and have them in the standard box this week, so hopefully they’ll be making more of an appearance in the coming weeks. Guardian’s 10 best new potatoes recipes is a must-read. Just let the thought of roasted salt and vinegar crushed new potatoes convince you to read it.

If you’re looking for new ways to eat your potatoes, why not try some of these:

  • Potato salad – put away the roasting and out with the salad. Try it with mashed hard boiled eggs, bits of pickles, fresh chives and mayo-mustard sauce, or with warm bacon sriracha vinaigrette. If you don’t have sriracha chilli sauce already stocked up then any chilli (garlic) sauce would do.
  • Ottolenghi’s crushed new potatoes with horseradish and sorrel – if you don’t have sorrel growing in your garden, use the land cress or rocket in your boxes instead. Somewhere between a mash and a potato-mayo salad, it will be perfect with steak or roast beef.
  • Australian crash hot potatoes are a simple but lovely twist on the tired old baked potatoes with yummy “flavourful, crispy surface area”
  • Wondering what the dish on this week’s cover photo is? Try the impressive Swedish Hasselback fondant potatoes on this link for even more crispy surface area. It requires more artistry and execution than some of the other suggestions, but oh so worth it for the gourmet cooks amongst us! The link also has other Ottolenghi suggestions such as the spicy potato hash which is perfect for the bakers in the small box
For more ideas on how to eat the vegetables in this week’s box, try searching on our webpage for past blogs!

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
Colleen New Potatoes, Kent
Onions, Spain
Bunched Carrots, Norfolk
Tomatoes, Yorks
Landcress, Perry Court
Spinach, Kent
Mini Cucumber, Kent
Garlic, Spain

Small Box
Bakers Potatoes, Lincs
Rocket, Perry Court
Onions, Spain
Carrots, Spain
Broad Beans, Kent

No-Potato Substitute
Batavia Lettuce, Kent

Fruit Supplement
Bananas, Dom Rep (standard only)
Grapefruit, Spain


Remembering Wartime Austerity

The sober commemoration of the outbreak of the First World War dwelt on all last year may still linger but as we look forwards to spring, Easter and new life, forgive us in looking forwards early to 8th May 2015 which will mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day, the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany and the destruction of Hitler’s Third Reich.

And what has that to do with our veg boxes? Because we have cabbages in our box again. And they are a reminder of wartime rationing, where the work of dietitians Elsie Widdowson and Robert McCance, established that good health cold be supported by eating a very restricted wartime austerity diet of bread, cabbage and potatoes (and calcium supplements) – with little meat, dairy or calcium intake.

So try bubble and squeak (link has lots of helpful hints and suggestions from Nigel Slater), perfect to go with your weekend big brekkie fry-up or just ham and eggs. Or add bacon from the get-go for a wicked version. Or try Delia’s rosti-styled bubble and squeak with grated mature cheddar and serve with sausages or cold meats and pickles. It’s a classic British dish popular during World War II.

Or try out an Ethiopian cabbage and potato saute – it’s recommended by one of you – looks quite plain but tastes delicious.

Meanwhile some Perry Court farm news where it’s been busy with springtime closer by the day. They’ve had volunteers help get bio-dynamic preparations under way and the start of seed-sowing, with peppers and black and green kales being sown into trays plus some late winter pruning of the soft fruits and their surrounding environment.

Providing we have a good spring, the various coloured currants and gooseberries could all be beautiful fruits – we got some of these into our boxes last year and will hopefully see more of them this year. Cutting back the old and dead wood gives new shoots the room they need to push out. More light and air to the plants also help prevent disease and sweeten the fruits as they age. Dreaming of those early summer days and we are not even in spring yet!

For the rest of the vegetables in this week’s box, try searching on our webpage for past blogs!

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Charlotte Potatoes, Lancs
* Onions, Norfolk
* Yellow Carrots, Lancs
* Savoy Cabbage, Lancs
* Golden Beetroot, Lancs
Leeks, Lancs
Swiss Chard, Spain
Flower Sprouts, Suffolk
Small Box
Items starred (*) above

No-Potato Substitute
Parsnips, Lancs

Fruit Supplement
Clementines, Spain (standard only)
Apples, Kent