Our Values

Tower Green Hamlets is an organic fruit and vegetable box scheme for East London residents. We provide a local alternative, with real values and a strong community ethos.

Affordable & Accessible 

Good quality organic vegetables don’t just have to be a lifestyle choice for the affluent. We believe they can be made available to the community in a way that offers good value for everyone by working with lower overheads. This is made possible by not operating from huge warehouses, maintaining multiple stores and shop fronts, or having large marketing and advertising budgets that big companies often operate with.

Seasonal & Fresh 

Eating seasonally means that your fruit and veg are as fresh as possible and working with suppliers close to Tower Hamlets means that the produce may have been in the ground the day before you get them! The best selection is made for you, although this does mean working within the limits of what is seasonally available.


Did you know that before the 17th century almost all carrots were purple and that they also come in white, yellow and purple varieties as well as the usual orange? Did you know that some oranges may be orange on the outside but red on the inside? These varieties virtually never make it to the supermarkets but it is possible to have them in your weekly fruit and veg selection through joining a small-scale local community box scheme which works with small-scale farmers.


Ever shied away from buying organic fruits and vegetables because they appeared to be tiny or not particularly tasty? There is supermarket organic and there is true local organic. The difference comes in the quality and how they are grown – even though both are certified organic.


We support farmers who are as local to East London as possible, by taking ownership and harnessing the collective buying power of our community. By spending some time and/or money at your most convenient pick-up point, you will be helping to support local community centres, social enterprises and independent businesses.

Organic & Environmental 

We work with partners who use sustainable and ecological farming methods so that you are not eating food produced with large amounts of artificial chemicals and pesticides. Also, picking up your own fruit and veg reduces your carbon footprint.

Fair-Trade & Ethical 

We pay a fairer price to farmers than the large supermarkets would pay their suppliers, and we provide a regular outlet for smaller farms and thus help ensure their survival.

Community & Social 

Your pick-up/collection point would be the closest community and/or commercial hub to you, which gives the scheme a community and social aspect.

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