What can I order?

Prices start at just £10 for weekly, organic veg boxes


Box Contents

The contents of the box changes each week, and will vary as the seasons change.

The weekly selection in our organic veg boxes, depends on what our UK farmers are growing and what’s at its best, but rest assured that there will be a good mix. There may be a few items from Europe (mostly with the fruit supplement) but the vast majority are all UK grown with the majority from the farms closest to East London.

All boxes will include staples like potatoes (if chosen), onions and carrots, plus leafy greens and a selection of other seasonal vegetables. There may be more unusual vegetables that you have never tried before e.g. Jerusalem artichokes, celeriac, flower sprouts and golden beetroots.

This is where the recipe ideas in our weekly newsletter  may come in handy! 


  • Size – small, medium or large or alternating between the different sizes
  • Potatoes – To keep things simple and to provide you with some flexibility, there is no difference in the price if you chose potatoes or their substitute. As other vegetables are often more expensive than potatoes, the item substituting the potatoes may be smaller in size or lesser in quantity, but never in quality
  • Fortnightly orders – if you know that some weeks you’re not going to be at home as much, why not set up a fortnightly order

Large Vegetable Box

£80 per month, which works out at £20 per week

This box contains around 8 varieties of seasonal produce in extra generous quantities. 

We would recommend this box for a family of four who cook most nights or for those of you that cook for friends/housemates regularly.*

Medium Vegetable Box

£56 per month, which works out at £14 per week

This box contains 8 varieties of seasonal produce in generous quantities.

We would recommend this box for families who cook a few nights a week or for couples who cook most nights.*

Small Vegetable Box

£40 per month, which works out at £10 per week

This box contains 5 or 6 varieties of seasonal produce in generous quantities. 

We would recommend this box for couples who cook occasionally or singletons that cook most nights.*

Fruit Supplement

Our fruit supplement is just that – a supplement! Whilst our focus is on our veg, we offer supplements so that you’ll receive some yummy fruit.

  • Small boxes: 1 type of fruit for £8 per month (£2 per week*) 
  • Medium boxes: 2 types of fruit for £16 per month (£4 per week*) 
  • Large boxes: 2 types of fruit for £20 per month (£5 per week*)



We are now offering Barradale Organic and Free Range Eggs in cartons of half dozen or dozen.

  • 1/2 Dozen Eggs: £3
  • 1 Dozen Eggs: £6

* Please note that our estimates are based on a diet that is not purely made up of vegetables or similar vegan/vegetarian lifestyles. If your diet is heavily plant based, we’d advise opting for a large box or bearing in mind that you may need to also source vegetables from elsewhere.

Confused about the options? It will be clearer when looking at the products and the options available to them in our Order section or contact us if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “What can I order?

    • Hi Claire,

      We offer free home deliveries within Tower Hamlets (and some areas just outside such as Hackney Wick as East Village).

      If you’re ever going to be away, just let us know by any given Monday of each week and we’ll make sure the cost of the box/boxes is refunded in your next payment!

      Hope that clarifies, but if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to pop us an email: info@towergreenhamlets.com



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