How does it work?

It’s easy! Have a look at:

  1. What can be ordered and the options available
  2. Our collection points 
  3. Home delivery
  4. How to join which contains the order form

Once you have placed your order we will acknowledge receipt of your order by email. Please add info@towergreenhamlets.com to your address book or anti-spam list to ensure our emails do not get mistakenly identified as spam.

When we have received confirmation of your payment, we will let you know your first box will be delivered or ready for collection/delivery and to confirm any additional details.

How do I pay?

Payment by a monthly direct debit is our preferred method, although for trial months and single boxes you can opt for card payment or paypal. By paying upfront, we’re able to plan ahead and minimise administrative time and transaction costs so that you ultimately benefit by paying less. We bill on the first of every month and will charge for the number of boxes you will receive in that month.

What if I’m going to be on holiday?

If you’re going on holiday, or don’t require a box for any given weeks, just let us know by 12pm on Saturday for the following week. We will then refund the cost of your holiday box in your next payment.

Can you deliver to my home?

We offer free home delivery to all members of the scheme and residents of Tower Hamlets and East London. We also cover some areas that are just outside of Tower Hamlets (such as Hackney Wick and East Village), but please do get in touch to check. 

Delivery: What if I’m not going to be in?

If you’re not going to be at home, you can advise us on a secure location that you’d like us to leave the box. This could be with a neighbour, on your porch, on your doorstep or you can even give us a key for the garden shed! All we ask is that before delivery, you’ve advised us on your preferred delivery location.

Delivery: What time can I expect my box?

We will let you know what day you can expect delivery when you’ve completed your order. Delivery times will vary depending on traffic and which route the driver will need to take that day. You will however find that the time will roughly be the same each week.

What do I do with the empty box?

We are aiming to run the scheme with zero waste. We can reuse any undamaged boxes so would encourage you to leave your empty boxes for our delivery driver to collect the following week, or to leave a bag outside (if you’re not going to be in) so that we can empty the veg without the box. The more boxes we get back, the less we need to buy. Not only is this better for the environment, but it means we’ll be able to put more veg back into your weekly boxes!

How can I get a new collection point?

If you can’t find a collection point near you and have any suggestions for other potential locations, or if you run a local community organisation and would like to become a pick-up point, please do let us know and if there is enough interest we can look to set it up.

Any customer can potentially act as a pick-up point for others if there is somewhere we can leave the boxes and there is a minimum delivery of 5 boxes. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a new collection point and we can explore further.

Can I change my order?

Of course! If you want to change your box size, box type, potato preference or fruit preference just let us know by 12pm on a Saturday for changes to be implemented the following week.

What happens if I want to leave the box scheme?

Just let us know when you’d like your last box to be delivered, and we will cancel all future payments and work out whether you’re due a refund. It is of course, preferable if you leave the scheme after you’ve received all of your paid boxes, but we understand this isn’t always possible. Do remember however that we place our orders on a Monday AM so will need to know by 12pm on a Saturday!

Are we plastic free?

We aim to run our scheme as eco-friendly as possible. This includes reusing any undamaged boxes, and avoiding plastic on items that have their own protection, by either putting them in as they are or using brown paper bags. However, there are some items that we just can’t do without plastic. For example, small salad leaves such as rocket and mixed salad will wilt in paper bags or without plastic, particularly in the hot weather!

If you’d like to have your box plastic free, you can let us know and we’ll make sure we don’t include any plastic in your box. This will however mean that you won’t receive any items which we deem necessary to have plastic.

What is the difference between us and the big commercial organic box schemes?

We strive to be as local and community focused as meaning we don’t operate with mark-ups that make organic fruit and veg a lifestyle choice accessible only to the affluent. However this means we don’t have the resources to organise and offer bespoke boxes where customers are allowed to exclude certain items. We are unlikely to provide you with tomatoes from Spain in your weekly boxes in the middle of winter, or lots of vegetables that are out-of-season in the UK but air-flown from Europe or further afield. Our promise is that your organic fruit and veg boxes will all contain produce that has been grown as close to East London as possible. We may also give you some very interesting veg that don’t make it into the national schemes because they’re too big. 

Any other questions?

Please do contact us if you have any other questions.

Privacy Statement

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