Oven-Baked Jerusalem Artichoke Chips

Jerusalem artichokes are a healthy alternative to starchy potatoes. Can be served as a side dish or as finger food for snacking.

Time Preparing: 5 mins
Time Cooking: 30 mins
Serves: 2-4
Difficulty: 1/5
Season: Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn

– 300g Jerusalem Artichoke
– 1tsp Baking Soda
– 1/2 Lemon
– Sea Salt Flakes, for seasoning
– Sage
– Olive Oil

1. Start by thoroughly washing the artichokes, keeping the skin on
2. Slice them into thin slices
3. Soak in a bowl of water with juice from the lemon and baking soda
The lemon juice prevents discolouring, whilst the baking soda facilitates digestion
4. Lay the artichoke wedges on an oven tray, then top with sea salt, sage and a dash of olive oil
5. Cook at 180°C for 30mins


This recipe was created for Tower Green Hamlets by Pauline Cuisine