The Hunger Gap

Despite the arrival of Spring – with flowers blooming, longer evenings and some much awaited ‘warm’ weather – Britain is currently undergoing its annual ‘Hunger Gap’.

This is the time in which Organic vegetable production is least productive throughout the United Kingdom, as it is too cold for certain vegetables to grow outdoors – and aside from huge indoor lights and heating, there isn’t much organic farmers can do to avoid this! Whilst Perry Court and farms across the UK will be busy propagating plants for the coming weeks and month, our keen desire to keep out carbon foot print down, means  we’re going to have to wait a little long for those tasty tomatoes.

So whilst we’re just as keen as you to get our hands on spring onions, peppers, lettuces and the like, we want to maintain our promise that our produce gets to you with the lowest environmental impact as possible. Of course there are times when – to maintain variety in our boxes each week – we will need to import produce from abroad, we want to honour our commitment to you.

Our message to you today is lets’s get through the Hunger Gap together, and use the next month of the rooty, hardy veg in as many warming dishes as possible!