Anyone for some turnip cabbage?

In this week’s box you will find the slightly unusual Kohlrabi. A member of the cabbage family, the name actually translates to mean, ‘turnip cabbage’. This strange looking veg is mild and slightly sweet in flavour with an added crunch and crispy texture. It’s a great addition to any winter dinner plate.

Sauteed Kohlrabi with Onions & Cheese

Cubes of peeled kohlrabi
Thinly slices white onion
Unsalted butter
Finely shredded kohlrabi leaves
Thick double cream
Grated nutmeg
Salt and pepper to season
1. Cook kohlrabi and onion in butter over medium-high heat until almost tender.
2. Stir in kohlrabi leaves, and cook until wilted.
3. Add a generous splash of heavy cream, and cook for a few seconds to reduce.
4. Season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg.
5. Serve with chicken, pork chops, or steak

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This Week’s Bounty

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Red Cara Potatoes, Perry Court
Carrots, Lancs
Leeks, Kent
Kohlrabi, ESP
Mushrooms, Suffolk

Medium & Large Boxes
Kale, Kent
Celeriac, Lancs
Sprout Tops, Lancs

Fruit Supplement
Apples, Kent (All Boxes)
Grapefruit, ESP (Medium & Large Boxes)
Blood Oranges, ESP (Large Boxes)