The Last of the Summer Salads

Can really call this weather ‘Summery’?
Probably not, but with the Autumn Equinox still around the corner, we thought it time for one last Summer salad!

This weeks boxes (both small and large) contain some gorgeous black cherry tomatoes. This particular strain of tomatoes are known for their rich, sweet and dynamic flavour and typically go great with summer grilled kebabs or salads.
We’d recommend throwing together your rocket, tomatoes (and kale for large boxes), along with any of your other favourite summer ingredients – feta cheese perfectly compliments the sweetness of the tomatoes. Drizzle with either salad dressing or for an extra sweet taste, some balsamic vinegar.

What’s in the box?
* Valour, Perry Court
* Rocket Salad, Perry Court
* Carrots, Perry Court
* Courgette, Perry Court
* Black Cherry Tomatoes, Perry Court
Kale, Perry Court
Onions, Perry Court
Broccoli, Perry Court
Fruit Supplement 
* Apples
No-Potato Substitute 
Small Box 
Items marked with (*) above 

Please note that this may be subject to slight change depending on availability.

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