Purple Rain, Purple Sprouting Broccoli

It’s looking like there may be some rain over the bank holiday weekend. And given that we are getting hail (even snow?!?) in late April who knows maybe we might just get some purple rain! In any case, we have purple sprouting broccoli which we had back around Chinese New Year – check out that PSB post for some great cooking ideas! It doesn’t retain its amaranthine tint upon cooking (although any residual water upon boiling or steaming has the lovely hue) but arguably has a better flavour than normal broccoli and lovely tender branches.

Why not try making this salad of purple sprouting broccoli, broad beans and feta? And speaking of broad beans, for more ideas on eating them, check out our previous “Broad Beans and More” write-up on it.

We also have tat soi in the box this week. Wilt as you would spinach, or make a stir fry out of it (also good for your PSB):

  • fry up some pancetta or bacon, then add sprout tops and cook for a little longer
  • stir fry some chopped garlic, slices of ginger and chopped chilli if you like, add the sprout tops and then finish with some sesame oil, soy sauce and/or oyster sauce, maybe topped with some roasted/ground peanuts and cashews. You could make this a complete meal by stir-frying your meat or tofu before adding the greens

For your sweet potatoes, why not try some classic American recipes like brown sugar-glazed sweet potatoes with marshmallows or Nigella’s sugar-free version with a twist of lime? Or how about sweet potato casserole – topped with a buttery brown sugar and pecan mixture for a satisfying cool-weather but absolutely wicked casserole (or dessert if you weren’t brought up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch or marshmallows as part of your veg).

Roast your swede, parsnips and celeriac for a warm roasted roots salad or sides for Sunday roast. Otherwise Jamie’s smashed celeriac  is highly recommended – the trick to is beautifully caramelise these lovely roots.

Have a lovely weekend of rest after all your labour!

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Sarpo Mira, Perry Court
* Parsnips, Lincs
* Tat Soi, Perry Court
* Celeriac, Yorks
* Sweet Potato, US
Beetroot, Yorks
Broad Beans, Spain
Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Lincs

No-Potato Substitute
Swede, Herts

Fruit Supplement
Pears Anjou, Arg
* Apples – Gala, Kent

Small Box
Items starred (*) above

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