Rocket Flowers and Romano Peppers

We have rocket flowers in our box this week for the first time along with some romano peppers. Hope you enjoy them!

Rocket flowers works brilliantly with savoury dishes with their beautiful vibrancy. They are stunning stars in cream and brown with a strong spicy flavour which marry well with a whole host of savoury dishes as well as being lovely to garnish salads and canapés (why not try this spicy flower goats cheese canapé shown on the photo above?). Rocket flowers are much loved by chefs not just because of their beauty but because they pack a real punch flavour wise which means they compliment a whole range of  recipes.

As for romano peppers, these more elongated, thinner-skinned romano/ramiro variety peppers have a shade more of the taste profile you get in chillies, but without the piquant heat so best eaten raw but why not try them baked and stuffed, with many variations such as with spiced chickpeas which is great alongside barbecued meat or as part of a mezze, with ricotta and mascarpone ala Ottolenghi or with the classic breadcrumbs and grated parmesan filling?

There are also a few really exciting events this weekend. The Urban Makers East Spring Makers Market will have 40 designer makers (many are Tower Hamlets residents) and also artisan coffee, tea and handmade ice-cream. Children can make frogs and butterflies in the mini makers craft room and the park rangers will be running pond dipping and bug hunting sessions by the pond. Do pop over to support local!

Alternatively head down to Chrisp Street for a Spring Festival jam-packed with goodies and a bonanza of workshops on living and eating sustainably!  With a demonstrations of everything from home-made cosmetics to cooking on a budget, come to learn new skills on recycling, upcycling and exchange.

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Linda Potatoes, Perry Court
* Carrots, Scotland
* Romano Peppers, Spain
* Celery, Spain
* Beetroot, Lincs
Rocket Flower, Perry Court
Green Kale, Yorks
Cucumber, Yorks

No-Potato Substitute
Parsnips, Yorks

Fruit Supplement
Blood Oranges, Sicily
* Apples – Gala, Kent

Small Box
Items starred (*) above

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