Blood in your box?

It’s not Halloween and you thought you were getting vegetables and fruit, so why is there blood in your box this week?

It’s the season for Spanish blood oranges! Make the most of it, the season isn’t long. Juice it for its delightful pink/red juice (great fun with the kids, who will be expecting orange juice to be orange!) Or now that you have gotten over your New Year hungover, knock it into a blood orange margarita.

It would make a delightful starter for a beautiful citrus salad with feta and mint. Or try a blood orange, almond and ricotta cake. Funny how orange pairs surprisingly well with cheese.

And we also have sweet potatoes in the boxes this week, so check out these 25 healthy sweet potato recipes and Guardian’s 10 best sweet potato recipes, and enjoy these vitamin-packed, lower calories, higher fibre beauties!

Now for the perfect recipe for all those items in the standard box, check out the sweet potato, fennel and olive salad with crispy kale and quinoa. What a glorious start to the year!

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Sarpo Mira Potatoes, Perry Court
* Carrots, Yorks
* Kale, Kent
* Leeks, Kent
Jan King Cabbage, Kent
Beetroot, Perry Court
Sweet Potatoes, Spain
Fennel, Italy

Small Box
Items starred (*) above
+ Mushrooms, Norfolk
No-Potato Substitute
Squash, Perry Court
Fruit Supplement
Blood Oranges, Spain (standard only)
Apples, Kent

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