New Collection Point in Bow East – Carmelite Cafe!

We have a new collection point (more coming soon) in Bow East at the Carmelite Care! The café is a hidden gem down an alley just off Bow Road, based in a former convent – a beautiful old building which houses the Nunnery Gallery – curating exhibitions which link world class contemporary art with local heritage and community. Check out their Carmelite Cafe on their websiteFacebook and Twitter.

Even if you aren’t collecting here, do pop in for a wonderful speciality roaster Nude Espresso coffee (of Brick Lane fame) and Shoreditch Little Pedlar croissant – find out how they get to the cafe in this brilliant write up about the cafe manager Michael. And check out the gallery next door after filling up on brunch.

Also for this week, your fruit and veg will be packed in bags rather than boxes.

And back to the veg prep, we have the brainy knobby celeriac to get stuck into! It may seem obvious but just in case use a food processor, not a hand slicer/grater to do the hard work. Here are some options:

  • celeriac and potato gratin – with a delicious cheese like gruyere, it’s comfort food at it’s best, oh joy! Try it with a roast chicken over Sunday lunch
  • celery root salad recipe – also known as celeriac remoulade, it is a refreshing accompaniment to seafood dishesd salmon
  • remoulade of celeriac and bacon – Nigel Slater’s version
  • roast chicken with celeriac chip and tarragon – veg low-carb chip substitute for a healthy start to the year
  • zombie brain – Jamie Oliver’s whole roasted celeriac is the perfect recipe if by the time you finish cleaning and maybe peeling the brain you just want to cook it and not grate, slice or do anything else to it

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Sarpo Mira Potatoes, Perry Court
* Carrots, Yorks
* Celeriac, Kent
Onions, Norfolk
White Cabbage, Kent
Kale, Kent
Harlequin Squash, Perry Court
Chestnut Mushrooms, Suffolk

Small Box
Items starred (*) above
+ Red Onion, Norfolk
+ Jan King Cabbage, Kent
No-Potato Substitute
Chioggia Beetroot, Perry Court
Fruit Supplement
Pears, Kent (standard only)
Apples, Kent

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