Advent is Upon Us!

We are now properly into advent season and there is a momentary respite to the artic wind chill a little while back, there is nothing better than coming home to a home-cooked bowl of soup. And nothing better to do that with than with your ball of cabbage.

This tried and tested beef, carrot and cabbage soup is an absolute winner. Stewing beef works just as well as mince, with the flavours slowly developing over 3-4 hours of slow-cooking, thickened with a whole can or two of tomato puree, lifted by the caraway and fennel seeds, and intensified by the red wine. It makes a little meat go a looong way with no compromises on taste.

For another tried and tested recipe, try this roasted cabbage with bacon recipe. Dead easy but guarantee to see you (and even your kids) gobbling up the whole head of cabbage. Because if you do have any leftovers simply make it into this roasted onion, potato and cabbage soup for lunch or dinner the next day.

And in case you still staring at your beetroot from a few weeks ago whilst unpacking this week’s beetroot, and wondering what to give grandma for Christmas why not make this spiced beetroot and orange chutney?  As suggested in the comments do roast them first (in the same oven as the cabbage :-)) and add less sugar if you like. “Really tasty and good Christmas idea” says the person who once wondered what on earth do I do with beetroot again…

For those of you with mooli, also known as white radish or daikon, check out this top 10 ways to enjoy daikon radish. One of the suggestions is to make Chinese radish “cake” so here’s a recipe – use lardons if you can’t find the necessary Asian meat ingredients. And whilst we are on  the Chinese theme why not try a spicy white radish salad. Or shred it along with carrots and beetroot for a beautiful rainbow coleslaw. Or slice into a salad along with orange segments.

Seeing that it’s near the end of the week and some of us are already hitting the veg-out mode there is always the microwave option for your gem squash. Otherwise try it baked and stuffed. Here’s how to serve it up:

  • Half the gem squash, scoop out the seeds
  • Fill with any combination of chopped onions and/or canned tomatoes, mince or grated/soft/goats cheese, olives and even rice or orzo.
    • If using onions and/or mince than it’s worth frying those up until tender and browned before stuffing.
    • If including rice or orzo then make sure there is enough moisture from the chopped tomatoes or simply add a little water.
  • Wrap up in foil and bake until tender.

The mild and sweet, creamy and delicate flesh will just melt in your mouth! Or for a proper recipe check out stuffed gem squash with corn, cheese and chorizo or a feta filling alternative.

For more ideas on how to eat the vegetables in this week’s box, try searching on our webpage for past blogs or check these articles out:

And to kick start the festive season why not pop along to St Paul’s Shadwell Christmas decorating party this Saturday morning or to get to know your local neighbours pop along to the Shadwell Sunday tea.

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Sarpo Mira Potatoes, Perry Court
* Carrots, Norfolk
Onions, Norfolk
Chestnut Mushrooms, Suffolk
Savoy Cabbage, Kent
Beetroot, Perry Court
Spinach, Perry Court
Jerusalem Artichokes, Perry Court

No-Potato Substitute
Mooli, Lancs


Small Box
Items starred (*) above

+ Gem Squash, Lancs
+ Sprout Tops, Lancs
+ Leeks, Kent

Fruit Supplement
Pears – Conference (small only)
Apples, Kent
Oranges, Spain


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