Uchiki Kuri

What’s that? It’s another name for the red kuri squash, al. It’s also known as the Japanese squash orange Hokkaido squash or baby red hubbard squash. In Japan, the word kuri may refer to either to Japanese chestnuts or this squash, which has a very delicate and mellow chestnut-like flavour. And as promised last week we now have autumn squashes in your boxes this week, starting with this gloriously vermilion coloured onion-shaped bauble.

Why not go fishy and try this trio fish and red kuri squash stew? The recipe suggests three types of fish (cod, salmon and red snapper) but just use whatever combination you fancy, or if you don’t have that much fish handy (as an aside, anyone anyone interested in a fish box? get in touch with us if you are!) even just one type of fish would do. Add in the rainbow carrots in your box this week and you’re all set to go. Squash is great in stews, it adds tons of flavour and acts as a great thickening agent as it falls apart.

Alternatively, stuff your red kuri squash with minced beef if you fancy a meatier option. Or keep it simple with roasted red kuri squash – simply enjoy the caramelised crust and dream of chestnuts roasting in the fireplace over Christmas as it melts in your mouth…

We also have a return to the rainbow carrots so knock up a beautiful rainbow Chinese stir-fry, or go lazy and stick it all in the oven with a rosemary roasted rainbow carrot.

And whilst we are on stews and autumn, do try this leek potato and spinach stew with sausage meat and beans for some of the other bits in your box. Definitely one to cook in advance to let the flavour develop and a perfect hearty option to come home to as the remaining rays of sunlight sparkle and the cool winds rustles through the golden autumn leaves.

For more ideas on how to eat the vegetables in this week’s box, try searching on our webpage for past blogs!

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Valour Potatoes, Perry Court
* Spinach, Perry Court
* Red Kuri Squash, Perry Court
Rainbow Carrots, Lancs
Sorrel, Perry Court
Parsnips, Perry Court
Mushrooms, Suffolk
Leeks, Kent

No-Potato Substitute
Beetroot Bunch, Perry Court

Small Box
Items starred (*) above
+ Carrots, Lancs
+ Beetroot, Lancs

Fruit Supplement
Apples – Cox, Kent (standard only)
Pears – Conference, Kent

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