Autumn Equinox

The autumn equinox (supposedly the first day of autumn) occurred yesterday, September 23. Google has even designed a new Doodle to reflect this – squashes are definitely on their way, just not in this week’s box.

Derived from the Latin, the word equinox means equal night. After the autumnal equinox, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Also, theoretically, there should be same amount of daylight in both of the Earth’s hemispheres. Traditionally it signified when the farmers brought in the harvest, which may explain why the full moon nearest the equinox is often called the harvest moon.

Salvation Army on Copeley Street, literally a stone’s throw from Stepney City Farm, is having a Harvest Celebration this Sunday so do join in!

With autumn here we now well and truly have our apple and pear fruit staples back, a kale. Why not try a kale and apple soup? Mildly sweet with a bit of apple, and it has that beloved pancetta/bacon edge that goes so well with sautéed greens, topped off with a dollop of crème fraîche. Don’t even bother to peel the apple or de-stem the kale – all that fibre is good for you and get blended in the soup anyway.

Celeriac and pear also pairs well make it into a delicious creamy mash with a slight sweetness which goes well with strong-flavoured cuts of meat like ribs or pork belly. It also works well as a soupwith blue cheese if you like (or with the same ingredients in a salad). Alternatively, a creamy version with bacon or with sausage bites. Celeriac pear and rocket salad is also another option.

As for your pears and apples, knock together a pie with custard or crumble with walnuts infused with rosemary (or keep with simple with vanilla or lavender), almond sponge, crisp with oatmeal streusel or cobbler with oatmeal muffin crust. Or simply sautee with cinnamon (and other spices). Other ideas include the easy French clafoutis or cake – these recipes call for the use of either apple or pear, but why not try using both? Still not inspired? Check out this 50 apple and pear dessert link…

For more ideas on how to eat the vegetables in this week’s box, try searching on our webpage for past blogs!

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Valour Potatoes, Perry Court
* Kale, Lancs
Onions, Norfolk
Carrots, Lancs
Spinach, Perry Court
Celeriac, Perry Court
Rocket – Perry Court, Old Orchard
Sweetcorn, Kent

No-Potato Substitute
Red Kuri Squash, Perry Court

Small Box
Items starred (*) above
+ Parsnips, Perry Court
+ Broccoli, Lancs
+ Leeks, Kent

Fruit Supplement
Pears – Conference, Kent (standard only)
Apples – Red Pippin, Kent


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