Chou Fleur and Chioggia

We have the first parsnips for the season and it heralds the coming Christmas season (or are we the only ones to associate parsnips with Christmas?!?) and yes it’s less than 100 days if you are counting!

Guardian’s 10 best cauliflower recipes is a must-read with suggestions ranging from Middle Eastern such as whole roast cauliflower with cumin, sumac and lemon, and Israeli cauliflower and pear bake (perfect for those pears in your boxes this week) and Persian cauliflower omelette, to European such as Andalusian Spanish crisp cauliflower and French gratin de chou-fleur with posh Comté (bring on the black truffle), to favourite such as caramelised cauliflower soup and much more creative ideas like using cauliflower as pizza bases.

Or try one of Ottolenghi’s cauliflower recommendation with a mustardy twist on the cauliflower cheese classic, or roasted whole cauliflower with creme fraiche. And if the wet weather continues marry cauliflower cheese and fettuccine carbonara for a quick comfort meal.

And please don’t be planning to make borscht this week or you will find it looking rather anaemic. Your beetroot for the week is the chioggia (pronounced kee-OH-gee-uh) and will come with pink and white candy cane stripes which we wrote about almost exactly a year ago!

For the weekend go on a guided history / nature walks at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park as part of the Open House London.

Or further afield if you missed the Harvest weekend at Stepney City Farm last week, the Harvest Stomp is happening at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, a community festival to celebrate local growing and local produce. It’s part of Urban Food Fortnight, a London-wide celebration of the city’s vibrant local food scene. The line-up includes London Vegetable Orchestra, a ‘Giant Salad Toss’, do-si-do at the Harvest Barn Dance, local bees and bee keepers, and local jam collected from berries foraged in the surrounding area.

For more ideas on how to eat the vegetables in this week’s box, try searching on our webpage for past blogs!

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box

* Valour Potatoes, Perry Court

* Onions, Norfolk
* Carrots, Lancs
* Cauliflower, Lancs
* Spinach, Perry Court
Parsnips – Perry Court
Bulls Blood, Perry Court
Chioggia Beetroot, Perry Court

Small Box
Items starred (*) above

No-Potato Substitute
Sweetcorn, Kent

Fruit Supplement
Apples – Katy, Kent (standard only)
Pears – Conference, Kent


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