The Return of the Golden Beet

For those of you with potatoes in your boxes, the Linda have been surprisingly productive, and just as surprising on how good they are as a roaster. Also, Discovery apples! The long-awaited return of the English apples is upon us!

There is also a courgette glut so why not Add a touch of zest to your midweek meal with this low-fat chicken with lemon and courgette cous cous family supper. Dead easy and you (and your kidwon’t believe you’ve just eaten four courgettes just like that. Or if comfort food beacons try this creamy courgette fettucine.

Also, we have a golden treat in our standard boxes this week – golden beetroots. If you are on a small box, why not think about upgrading to the standard box? Or get it on an alternating or fortnightly basis? And it’s been a whole year since we wrote about it so here’s one from our archives:

Golden beetroot used to be popular in the nineteenth century, and is currently enjoying a revival for those in the know (like us!). It has a more subtle and milder flavour than regular beets and doesn’t leave any stains on fingers and chopping boards. Its vibrant, bright yellow, which brings a splash of colour to any dish.

Although they’re best used fresh, uncooked beetroot can keep for about 10 days in the fridge – trim the leafy tops to about 3cm above the bulb – this helps prolong its storage life.

Here are some recipe ideas (all tried and tested!):




This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Linda Potatoes, Perry Court
* Tomatoes, Perry Court
* Spinach, Perry Court
* Courgettes, Perry Court
* Carrots, Norfolk
Spinach, Perry Court
Sorrel, Perry Court
Land Cress, Perry Court – Old Orchard
Small Box
Items starred (*) above

No-Potato Substitute
French Beans, Perry Court

Fruit Supplement
Bananas, Dom Rep (standard only)
Apples – Discovery, Kent

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