Fooling around with Gooseberries

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the lovely nectarines and apricots last week. This week there are peaches in store for those of you with the fruit supplement, which are absolutely dripping with sweet nectar. And we have some gooseberries in store for you too!

Never had gooseberries before? Simply top and tail them, add a splash of water and some sugar and/or elderflower cordial (you can always add more later) and cook on low heat until soft and pulpy. Then gently press the berries with the back of a spoon to make it into compote.

As for eating it, ripple some compote into natural Greek yoghurt (gotta show solidarity right?) or serve on your cheese board with camembert, brie or goats cheese. Add a spoonful into elderflower cordial and top up with sparkling water or wine (Prosecco maybe?) for that extra fizz in your summer drink. Pair with mackerel for a Yorkshire classic, or partner with other oily fish, like salmon, alongside seasonal greens. Or, try it combined with Asian flavours like soy, chilli and fish sauce to achieve a hot and sour taste, say in the dressing of an Asian barbecue pork salad.

The traditional dessert would undoubtedly be gooseberry fool so try Nigel Slater’s classic recipe, or Delia Smith’s yoghurt fool. Alternatively gooseberry curd or gooseberry fool ice cream for something different.

As mentioned above, gooseberry makes a perfect pairing with elderflower so try it in a fool, muffinscake, drizzle cake, crumble cake, tower cakes, streusel tray bake, Victoria sandwich, you get the idea. Makes us want to get the china and tea set out just writing this.

A refreshing, glamorous and easy summer dessert would be gooseberry cream and elderflower jelly but to really jazz it up why definitely give gooseberry, elderflower and Sauvignon sorbet a shot (no ice cream maker required, a hand blender/food processor would do).

If the infamous English summer takes a break (like this week so far) then at least we can all comfort ourselves with some gooseberry crumble.

On the local festival line-up do remember these events are happening:
  • Shuffle Festival is back with another fantastic line-up for the year! The nature walks are highly recommended, and check out the Village Feast which is free to Tower Hamlets residents, the treehouse lunches and dinners which may include locally foraged ingredients, cheese talk and tasting, hip hop dance and of course all the glorious films (£5 tickets for E3 residents)
  • Roman Road Summer Festival finishes this Sunday with a Sunday market and Eid party. For those looking to amuse sprogs on a Sunday morning check out the pizza making session on Domino’s Roman Road

For more ideas on how to eat the vegetables in this week’s box, try searching on our webpage for past blogs!

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Charlotte (New), Perry Court
* Carrot, Norfolk
Beetroot, Lincs
Green Onions, Kent
Cherry Tomatoes, Kent
Mini Cucumber, Perry Court
Courgettes, Spain
Peppers, Spain

No-Potato Substitute
Land Cress, Perry Court

Small Box
Items marked with (*) above
+ Land Cress, Perry Court
+ Broad Beans, Kent
+ Cauliflower, Lincs

Fruit Supplement
Nectarines, Spain (small only)
Peaches, Spain
Gooseberries, Perry Court
Apricots, Spain


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