Hot Cross Buns for Holy Week

It’s Holy Week coming up so why not hold virgil and celebrate at some of the services at St Dunstan across the road from Stepney City Farm, or at St Paul’s Shadwell.

In a shocking Judas betrayal of our local values, we have Spanish lemons in the box this week so why not try some lemon hot cross buns and maybe add some white chocolate or even mix in some chopped rosemary to make it extra special. Or use them together with this week’s Spartan apples from Kent to make some lemony apple and cinnamon hot cross buns! Or try this great hot cross bun recipe with apples, cranberries and a marzipan centre!

Meanwhile on the growing front, everything growing in the tunnels has got crisp, juicy stems and leaves. A few plants have made it outside to start hardening off, with kale amongst them so hold tight the greens shall all make their return!

The first step in preparing the fields for potatoes has been completed and you can see in the picture below how by bed-forming the fields, it prepares the land for de-stoning, which would stall the tubers growth, as well as giving the crop more room to expand and increase yield in a sustainable and beneficial way.

A lot of planting has occurred as well, with spinach, parsley, Battavia lettuce and four varieties of tomatoes – some you will recognise from previous years (can’t wait for those Gardeners’ Delight) but there will be a few new ones too!

For more ideas on how to eat the vegetables in this week’s box, try searching on our webpage for past blogs!

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Valour Potatoes, UK
* Jan King Cabbage, Lancs
* Beetroot, Lincs
* Carrots, Scotland
* Mustard Leaves, Perry Court
Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Kent
Onions, Norfolk
Cauliflower, Lincs
Small Box
Items starred (*) above

Fruit SupplementNo-Potato Substitute
Garlic Rope

Apples – Spartan, Kent (standard only)
Lemons, Spain


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