Blood Orange Valentine Pancakes

It’s lucky Friday 13th this week but we’ve also got Valentine’s Day on Saturday and Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Tuesday to look forwards to next Tuesday, before y’all go on a diet abstaining from dairy, eggs and butter for Lent (yeah right!)

So how about making some pancakes topped off with blood orange syrup for a Valentine’s Day brunch – after all a candlelit dinner is so clichéd and overrated right? Or try this version of pancakes with Greek yoghurt and poppyseed (optional) – fluffy, rich and high protein with the use of yoghurt but no oil or butter! Or try an alternative with cottage cheese or ricotta cheese.

A few rashes of bacon makes the perfect compliment…making them far more American and fluffy than the kind you will go tossing as part of the Great Spitalfields Pancake Race on Dray Walk Gallery at Old Truman Brewery off Brick Lane on Tuesday 12:30pm.

These truly seasonal blood oranges only appear around this time of the year so make the most of them as you won’t be seeing them for awhile when the season is over. Beautiful and delicious additional to a beetroot and orange salad. Add some toasted walnuts and/or goats cheese, and also some mixed spice or ground cinnamon to the dressing.

And for those of you with beetroot in your boxes, check out our past “Need some aphrodisiac? Try beetroot!” article – perfect to get you going for some Valentine’s Day romance!

Flower sprouts also make a premiere this week – these are a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale. Even if you are no great fan of Brussels sprouts you will almost certainly love these. Try them stir-fried on their own with garlic and soy sauce, but they are also perfect in any stir-fry combination. Check out the flower sprouts website for lots more cooking and recipe ideas!

Now, on what to do with the vegetables in your box here are a few ideas from our past newsletters/blog posts and few fresh ones too:

  • Celeriac – Check out our past Rooting for Roots write-up. Try celeriac potato mash (great for sneaking vegetables in on the kids) or the classic French remoulade, or simply cut into chunks and roast for about 40 mins along with your carrots to go with your Sunday roast! Or how about a celeriac, potato and rosemary gratin (works with creme fraiche and stock instead of milk and double cream) also, or Jamie Oliver’s cheesy thick-cut version
  • Beetroot – Lots of suggestions in our New Year post and also our Beetroot and Feta Couscous photos. Our frog friends from across the stream (where they eat a lot more of them) also recommend cubing or slicing them into a salad then dressing with French vinaigerette (oil, vinegar and mustard)
  • Harlequin Squash – Enjoy reading about these little jokers in our Harlequin-in-the-Box write-up
  • Turnips – Not as common here as across the river (but remember they don’t know what they are missing out with parsnips), our frog friends recommends adding these to stews as you would other root vegetables. Also perfect for a winter vegetable soup with chorizo and puy lentils

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Bakers Potatoes, UK
* Onions, Norfolk
* Flower Sprouts, Lancs
* Tundra Cabbage, Lancs
* Harlequin Squash, Cambs
Carrots, Lincs
Celeriac, Lancs
Turnip, Perry Court

Small Box
Items starred (*) above

No-Potato Substitute
Beetroot, Lincs

Fruit Supplement
Pears, Kent (standard only)
Blood Oranges, Spain


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