From Purple to Rainbow…

This week we move from purple carrots to rainbow carrots. So we will definitely have yellow and maybe red carrots (and sometimes white ones too) added to the mix of purple and orange. How about a rainbow carrot ribbon salad to make the most of their colour?

Last week we didn’t get around to featuring the red cabbage and some cooking ideas for it (sorry, was having a bit of a blue week last week with a broken foot, and even now it is somewhat odd-looking at toes that have turned a slight green hue) so if you still have it lingering in your box like we do over here try the traditional braised red cabbage with apples (with those apples plus onions in the box this week) or braised with balsamic vinegar as per Jamie. Or check out BBC GoodFood’s top 10 ways for more ideas.

And also check out this compilation of 10 best cabbage recipes for this week’s Primo cabbage. We love the caldo verde cabbage soup (it uses up the onions, celery and potatoes from this week’s box or any left from last week). For a variation use pancetta or chorizo for the meat option instead, and you could also try some rosemary or more paprika, except it won’t be very Portuguese any more!

One housekeeping matter: if you would like to return the boxes or crates, we will happily re-use them. Just leave them where you found them.

Or shake out any good ol’ organic soil remaining in the boxes and think about how you can re-use them at home. Maybe as storage boxes instead of a trip to Ikea to buy yet more plastic or cardboard? If you have kids, give it to them as their latest toys. I mean the cardboard box is even on the US National Toy Hall of Fame. Seriously. Check out what you, sorry I meant, they can be making on this how-to-work-with-cardboard blogpost (scroll right to the end). Or here’s another link for more inspiration.

Oh and one more thing (it’s better than the iWatch, really): we are working hard at getting some lettuces and rhubarb from a community garden right off Roman Road into your boxes. And you won’t have to wait till January next year, it may just be with you in the next week or so…in the meantime, enjoy your Apple (no, not the one you may be reading these ramblings on but the one in this week’s box)…

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Valour Potatoes, Perry Court
* Onions, Kent
* Rainbow Carrots, Lancs
* Spinach, Perry Court
* Broccoli, Lancs
Round Tomatoes, Perry Court
Kohl Rabi, Kent
Primo Cabbage, Kent
Small Box
Items starred (*) above

No-Potato Substitute
Corn-on-the-cob, Kent

Fruit Supplement
Cox Apples, Kent
Oranges, Spain


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