Golden Days – Summer, Beets, Corn

It appears that there will be a comeback of the lovely English golden summer weather next week, and golden beetroots and golden corn on the cobs are in your boxes to go with it.

We hope you enjoyed the golden beetroots if you got the standard boxes last week. If you are on a small box, why not think about upgrading to the standard box? Or get it on an alternating basis?

We had the golden beetroots simply roasted – tossed with olive oil, covered with foil and roasted at 200 deg C until tender. Slightly caramelised, it has such an unrivalled natural sweetness and is great with pasta. Check out last week’s email/blog post if you need some recipe ideas for those of you getting it for the first time or just want a refresh.

If your corn have previously mainly popped out of a can or a frozen bag, and you are wondering what on earth to do with that ear of corn that looks like it should still be on a stalk, then simply microwavesteamboil or bake them – you can often even leave the husks on (although do take off the hairy bits at the end), just remove them when cool enough to handle. And lather on the butter if nothing else!

And here are 15 more adventurous ways – including some that take the kernels off the cob by slicing vertically off with a knife. Also a handy tip is that if you want to chop into mini cobs, then it’s much easier after they are cooked than raw.

This Week’s Bounty

Standard Box
* Rudolf Potatoes, Kent
* Onions, Kent
* Carrots, Lancs
* Spinach, Perry Court
* Cherry Tomatoes, Perry Court
Golden Beetroot, Lancs
French Beans, Kent
Cabbage Primo, Kent
Small Box
Items starred (*) above

No-Potato Substitute
Sweetcorn on the cob, Kent

Fruit Supplement
Worcester Apples, Kent
Peaches, Spain (Standard box only)

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