Naked or Adorned?

Do you like your carrots naked or adorned? This time we’ve gone with naked save some olive oil (gotta rub in some oil right?) for the innate sweetness, but it would have been equally great adorned with sea salt, garlic, thyme, paprika, honey, a hint of lemon – whatever would enhance its innate beautyflavour. Don’t overdo it though, you want to be eating carrots not make-upherbs and spices.

Idiot-proof steps:

  • Peel (or scrub – lots of good nutrients in the skin)
  • Chop into the biggest chunks ever (laziness is great )
  • Pop into the oven, set to 200 deg C (no need to pre-heat)
  • Get on your bike, go to the gym or get the sun tan oil out and flop onto the sun lounger
  • Come back an hour later for dinner and enjoy the caramelised bits

Meanwhile seen this “She Was Sick Of Being Photoshopped, So She Did THIS” video yet?

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