Organic food has more antioxidants?

For what it’s worth here’s (another) study claiming that organic food provide more antioxidants (it’s a scientific analysis rather than primary research) to add to the already controversial plethora of research out there.

One may choose organic for the extra antioxidants it provides but really we are all going to die whether we eat organic or not, and our physical bodies are all going to become really organic then.

There is probably truth that organic does not necessarily provide healthier or more nutritional eating – you can most likely get there by eating conventional fruit and veg as was quoted in the article:

“You are not going to be better nourished if you eat organic food…What is most important is what you eat, not whether it’s organic or conventional. It’s whether you eat fruit and vegetables at all.”

What is hard to believe is that it would take such “comprehensive” research to establish that organic food has lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides – seems like stating the obvious? The Soil Association polling which show other reasons why people choose organic such as avoiding food grown with chemicals and by big businesses, and the environmental impact of conventional big-scale farming, hits home much more.

What are the reasons you buy organic?

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