Vegetables – boring? Check out this week’s box!

The Tower Green Hamlets stall at the Roman Road Festival street fair on Sunday went well. Great community feel and photos to follow!

We had a few boxes left which the Southern Grove community centre took off us and used for their Wednesday veggie lunch (drop in for £1.50 to cover costs). These veggie lunches happen every Mondays and Wednesdays at 1pm and are welcomed to all.

Anyway, if you didn’t already think that veg can be pretty exciting we have a few special items in the box this week:

  • bulls blood – an heirloom beet grown for tender, sweet, deep red-burgundy / magenta foliage, great for salads
  • purple mangetout – these purple pods are rich in healthy anthocyanin (antioxidant) pigment although they turn a dark green when cooked (purple hints may linger). This blog post has a few ideas on how to eat them, but we would recommend a stir-fry to watch them change colour!
  • gooseberries or red/black currants – we had a few ideas for redcurrants last week and one box schemer sent this very helpful link which has good tips for quick removal of redcurrant stalks. If you do get gooseberries in your box this week then whip up a quick fool (which you can also do for currants). Here’s an easy peasy recipe and an even easier version! If still lost, then just cook the berries/currants with some sugar (1-3 tablespoon) and a little water, lemon juice or elderflower cordial until they break down and enjoy with yoghurt.

This Week’s Bounty:

Standard Box
Charlotte Potatoes, Lincs
Carrots, Norfolk
Purple Mangetout Peas,  Lancs
Cherry Tomatoes, Kent
Bulls Blood, Perry Court
Spinach, Perry Court
Mini Cucumber, Perry Court
Jumbo Spring Onions, Perry Court

No-potato substitute:
Ball Cabbage, Perry Court

Small Box
With potatoes – no cherry tomatoes, spinach and jumbo spring onions

No-potato substitute:
Mini Cauliflower, Lancs

Fruit Supplement
Gooseberries / Redcurrants / Blackcurrants, Perry Court
Oranges – Navel Late, Spain

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