Box Contents 3 July 2014

This Week’s Bounty 

Here’s what is currently planned for the boxes, although changes may occur.

Standard Box

  • Bambino Potatoes, Perry Court
  • Carrots, Norfolk
  • Rainbow Chard, Perry Court
  • Mini Cucumber, Perry Court
  • Tomatoes, Kent
  • Green Onions, Kent
  • Cauliflower, Suffolk
  • Chestnut Mushrooms, Suffolk

No potatoes substitute: Basil, Kent

Small Box

  • No potatoes – as above but no cauliflower and mini cucumber
  • With potatoes – no cauliflower, but with mini cucumber

Fruit Supplement

  • Redcurrants, Perry Court
  • Clementines, Spain


It’s a big week for TGH.

We have now launched on Facebook and Twitter, and are feeling a little lonesome so it will be great if you could like and/or follow us. And obviously comment, upload photos and all the social stuff if that’s your kinda thing.

We will also have a stall at the Roman Road Festival street fair this Sunday from 11am, more details can be found here. And we are officially taking one-month trials and regular orders for the Stepney City Farm and Southern Grove Community Centre collection points. What about all the other collection points? More details on our website, but in short we will be rolling out the rest of the pick-up locations sequentially starting from September.

We are officially two weeks into summer but love must still be in the air so do share it!

We are starting to see tomatoes coming into the boxes, hurray! And what are green onions? A little like spring onions but without the bulb, a few more details here.

And the treat for this week is redcurrants! Not sure what to do with these tart little currants? Here are 10 easy ways to enjoy redcurrants. Or the photos of these red currant yoghurt cakes (or muffins if that’s more your thing) may just be enough to get you baking!

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