Box Contents 19 June 2014

This Week’s Bounty

  • Coleen New Potatoes, Kent
  • Onions, Holland
  • Bunch Carrots, Norfolk
  • Spinach, Perry Court
  • Purslane, Perry Court
  • Broccoli, Suffolk
  • Courgettes, Spain
  • Mini Cucumber, Kent
  • Bananas, Dom Republic
  • Navel Late Oranges, Spain

Closing the Gap?

Really nice mix of weather lately with some warmth, some rain, some sunshine and some cloudy cooler days makes for lovely weather for growing most vegetables. Green crops are coming on well, with the onset of Perry Court’s spinach and new potatoes from Kent.

Although the hungry gap has officially ended with the broad beans in our boxes two weeks ago, the gap is still there (for example, no broad beans available this week due to a gap in crop) but slowly closing. Meanwhile the bunched carrots are delightful, sweeter than any (even organic ones) from supermarkets.

But what about purslane? For the fact it is a weed, sorry I meant vegetable, and not a fish it certainly punches above its weight, being high in omega-3 fat, Vit E and beta-carotene. Not sure what to do with it? Check out this most enlightening post on purslane!

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