You can’t get fresher than this!

We were at Spitalfields City Farm yesterday afternoon discussing where would be a good place for customers to pick up their bags and ended up chatting to Annette who is a volunteer. The hot weather has really spurred the growth of the komatsuna, shungiku and perpetual spinach so we got a bountiful harvest. Here a picture of our greens being lovingly hand-picked:


Which we had as a wonderful side to white aubergine stuffed with quinoa and baby peppers, topped with za’atar (recipe here). I didn’t have courgette (as though my choice of vegetables didn’t already have enough carbon airmiles to it – I just couldn’t resist the white aubergine – offsetted by the really local spinach) so did away with it and just placed tiny dollops of cream cheese instead of feta. E who previously didn’t eat aubergines AND peppers said it was great.


Watch this space – we’ll be trying to get some of these veg and especially the greens grown on local city farms into those bags.

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